Department of Risk Assessment Mission Statement 

The Department of Risk Assessment’s mission is to foster a safe campus community for those directly and indirectly connected to NC State. The Department of Risk Assessment furthers this mission by focusing on two primary areas of responsibility with respect to safety concerns, which include:

   1. Identifying, de-escalating and decreasing the potential for violent activity and/or concerning or threatening behavior in students, staff, faculty, or non-affiliated individuals.

   2. Promoting the safety of youth participating in NC State activities through a comprehensive compliance program.

Having an informed and knowledgeable campus community is a critical component to the mission of the Department of Risk Assessment. Our department offers a number of training and educational opportunities on a variety of topics and provides information on reporting responsibilities, resources, and how to help. Participation in training is strongly encouraged, and in some cases is required for management level staff and/or those hosting programs for minors. Safety is a community responsibility. In partnering with our community Risk Assessment is dedicated to maintaining a safe, productive and welcoming campus for all.